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Welcome home!

Come on in and enjoy our most personal experiences, the way our family has for three generations.

For many, Corfu offers a meeting of  Greek, Venetian and French culture. For us, its our holiday home, our escape from our working lives in Australia and the location of family roots.

As a large and extended family comprised of retirees, busy working parents and now young sun loving children Corfu holds a very special place in our hearts. 

For our parents, this is the island they grew up in. Its hillside villages and pebbled streets are the ones we learnt to play soccer. Their charm overlooked the long golden beaches in which we learnt to swim  (and escape the Australian winter cold).

Now as a young family we get to share these same experiences with our children. Its a place we feel safe to relax in, enjoy a rose' in in the narrow streets of old Corfu town while our children build their own experiences and friends. 

Our vision for Corfu Luxury is to be able to share with you our most memorable experiences of Corfu, and to enable you to build your own. 

Whether your looking for heritage, night life or a calming experience on the many secluded beaches, Corfu welcomes you and open its arms to you and your family. 

Enjoy our Corfu, please make it your own. 

Best wishes

The Kavadias, Tsimiklis and Mason Family.

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